A design is only useful if it’s accessible to the user: any user, anywhere, anytime. We often mistake the concept of accessibility as involving people with disabilities. However, we’re all disabled in many contexts and circumstances. Accessibility is all about people.
At the same time many people are not convinced yet that accessibility considerations belong in every part of the design and development process- often because of a few widely held misconceptions:

  • “Accessibility is boring.”
  • “We can’t tell if anyone really benefits.”
  • “We don’t know why to do!”
  • “It’s too hard and there is too much to do.”

We should…

Five-day Google Ventures (GV) Design Sprint for online flower shop


Challenge: The client would like to improve the online shopping experience in order to increase their conversion rate (ratio of people that visit the site vs. people who actually place an order).

They want the shopping experience to be as simple, fresh, and fun as their flower boxes are.

Company: Bloom Box

Role: Sprint team member | Visual Designer | Interviewer

Duration: 5 days (August 2017)


Flowchart, Lightning Demos, Crazy 8s, Mind Mapping, Art Museum, Heat Maps, Storyboards, Wireframes, High Fidelity Mockups, Usability Testing



Me before you. Or, What made me choose UX/UI Design

Hi, I am Dina — a User Experience | User Interaction Designer.

There is one question I’ve been recently asked very often. “What made you choose UX Design?”. A lot of people asking it know that it was a big change in my life.

In fact, it was a love at a first sight!
Seriously, I clearly remember the day when I’ve discovered the term “UX Design” and the whole world behind it. Since then I haven’t spent any day of my life without UX Design in my head.



Creative Problem Solver | Kislovodsk

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